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What Size Dumpster Do I Need

Selecting the correct size is crucial when renting a dumpster. Industry Standard Sizes come in cubic yards. For example our 15 cubic yards has 14 feet long x 7 feet wide walls.

It's said that 2 cubic yards are approximately the space of a pickup truck's bed. Therefore our 10 cubic yards dumpster has the capacity of 5 standard pickup trucks.

However different materials to be discarded will have different needs for space, for example if you have yard debris from trees and branches, you are going to need something with high walls like our 10 or 15 yards dumpster. Since you are discarding a material that has a high volume you need that extra bit of space. If on the other hand you are dealing with shingles or sod, you may very well do fine with our 5 yards dumpster, since these are materials that don't need that much space and height to fill the empty.

Sometimes a small dumpster is booked to save the extra cost of the larger one, just to end up needing to book a second time because there was material left that didn't fit. This could be extra costly, for example you book a $270 dumpster instead of the $310 one, but you end up needing another of the $270 so you end up at $540 for that transaction.

It's always best to have a bit of room left than a bit of room missing. That's our 2 cents.

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