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Tampa Bay Recycling Options

Recycling is one of the core drivers of our mission and vision at Early Bird Dumpster Rentals. Today is almost 1 year since we started operations, and we can share that our interest for the topic only grows bigger. There are several challenges though, but also opportunities and room to explore and be creative around the recycling arena.

But First, Some Context:

Our operation currently has 2 divisions; the Dumpster Rental also known as Early Bird Dumpster Rentals and our Junk Removal. We only count with 2 dump trailers at the moment, prepping for #3 and #4; and 1 operator/driver; and 1 truck....In other words, we are a still a small operation. This is important to explain because developing a recycling strategy and being highly sustainable requires certain level of scale.

Today the closes thing to recycling that we can do is with 2 materials. Metals and Paint/Oils.

They are the easiest to identify and separate within the loads. It's easies for most customers to set them asides, therefore making it possible for us to dispose differently. They both also have a component of financial gain when recycled. The challenge is that they can't be mixed with anything else.

What have we learned about recycling in Pasco County?

There are certain items that can be recycled, including Cardboard, Aluminum, Plastic recipients, Paper, Metals, among others that you can find in the following link to Pasco County’s website. As you will see it is imperative that these items are not mixed (just like for our dumpsters), and they have to be cleaned in a certain way, making the task a bit harder. You may elect to drop it yourself at designated facilities or have your trash hauler pick it up (they have to do it at least 2 times per month). In conclusion, specific items, specific conditions, specific locations....when things are too specific the easiest thing to do is to avoid.

What can Early Bird Waste add to this effort/need?

We are willing and open to work with you, at our absolute lowest break even point, when you are wanting to do a Recycling Dumpster Rental.

We are working hard and diligently to be able to establish a local facility for drop off of things like Amazon Boxes, Plastics, Paper, Metals, among others.

We are also open to collaborate, if you have any ideas, know that they are welcome.

Thanks for being here,



Owner of Early Bird Dumpster Rentals

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