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How Many Days Do I Keep the Dumpster?

Updated: Jun 22

At Early Bird Dumpster Rentals we like to say that we are Flexible. Meaning that we work around you, your scheduled and what you are looking to accomplish.

Usually a rental period of a 10 yards dumpster in Tampa averages from 1 to 3 days. It's a 12 feet long dumpster, 6 feet wide and convenient 4 feet tall walls, this medium to small size of dumpster can be filled rather quickly.

Many of our customers team up with a family member or a friend/helper and are able to finish the job in the day. Some other customers need to take a bit more of time and that's totally fine. We've built a Flat Rate for the first 2 days to accommodate the vast majority of our customers.

If the circumstance requires more than 2 days we charge a bit more, usually $50.00, and this allows us to leave the container at your location for another day or so. Sometimes you may need an entire week and that's also fine as well, we would work a pricing for you at this point and try to help you as much as we can with controlled expenses.

The best advise we like to give out is try to be ready and grab some help if you can, take advantage of our super Early Delivery and beat the Sun as much as possible, hydrate and repeat!!

As always a pleasure working with and for you,

If you are reading this know that we appreciate your reviews on Google Tremendously!

Happy Holidays 2021


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