How to get the Lowest Cost in a Dumpster Rental?

Updated: Aug 23

The biggest and most important aspect of renting a Dumpster usually traces back to the rental rate or fee. It can be slightly different from one company to another depending on several internal factors of each company and the project at hand.

The winning formula to find the cheapest company that can rent to you, will be finding a company that is local to your area. In part you can negotiate under the reasoning that less mileage will be driven to deliver you a dumpster.

Some locations within Tampa have higher cost associated, like Zephyrhills/Dade City/San Antonio for example, due to it's distance to the nearest Landfill, and the cost to dump at that particular Landfill. Bear in mind that some places charge a minimum rate regardless of how much you are hauling, so there is an overhead built in at that particular place right of the bat.

At Early Bird Dumpster Rentals we try to minimize our costs as much as possible and pass our efficiencies to you as a lower rate. However there are expenses that we can't avoid, for example commercial truck insurance (which is pretty expensive), liability insurance, Fuel (currently at $5.00 in April 2022) and more importantly Dump Fees.

I hope that this post helps you find the best and cheapest dumpster near you in Tampa Bay area.

If you got down here - Thank you - and know that you may be eligible for a 10% discount if you mention that you read this blog post.



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