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Questions & Answers

Any Dumpster Items Restrictions?

Non-Recyclable Items: Biological Waste, Asbestos, Medical Waste of any kind or volume.

What items can I recycle?

At Early Bird Dumpster Rentals we proudly recycle Paint & Oils, Batteries, All Metals, Appliances, Tires, Concrete & Dirt. Inquire about our recycling + option.

How many days do I keep the Dumpster?

We work with your schedule. Usually starting from 24 hrs up to 7 days.

Do you charge a drop off and pickup fee?

The answer is No. We aim for an All Fees Included experience.

Is there a weight limit?

The equipment has a weight capacity therefore there is a limit. If your project is heavy duty we will let you know the limit.

We strive for a Simple Experience

If you'd like to reserve a dumpster, simply contact us

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