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Questions & Answers

Are there any items restrictions from the dumpster?

Only a few items are restricted from our dumpsters. Including Sand, Dirt, Gravel, Chemicals, Excessive Concrete, Large & Heavy Metals. Biological Waste. 

How many days can I keep the Dumpster?

We work with your schedule, you can keep the dumpster as many days as you need. Usually starting from 2 days up to 7 days.

Do you accept Paint, Tires and Appliances?

Yes and Yes. Notice that some extra charge may apply when discarding these materials.

At Early Bird Dumpster Rentals one of our key differences is that we are able to take paint and tires.

Do you charge a drop off and pickup fee?

The answer is No. We provide you with a flat fee upfront.

Is there a weight limit?

The equipment has a weight capacity therefore there is a limit. We will always communicate to you if needed given your project.

We try to make things easy and be upfront

If you'd like to reserve a dumpster, simple contact us

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