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About Early Bird Dumpster Rentals

The Full Story

My  name is Gabriel and I'm the founder, owner and operator at Early Bird Dumpster Rentals.

I finished College for Business Administration in 2017, with a fixed idea in mind; to someday open my own business. Not knowing what it was going to be, the waste management and dumpster rental industry one day came up.... the business and the waste industry quickly captured my attention, growing into a lifetime dedication.


Having worked as a Valet Parking during college, I had good experience with cars and trucks, while safety remains top of mind.


Deep knowledge in Commercial & Personal Insurance was acquired over the years. It ensures that we are properly covered to the extent required, therefore, risk is properly dissipated away from my clients. We carry Commercial Truck Insurance & General Liability Insurance.

We want to grow into a large Waste Management organization that provides different size containers, option to recycle what makes sense, runs on efficient & eco-friendly fuel, provides jobs and facilitates projects.



Driver Owner

Main: (813)696-3385


Our 7 key values

  • We are a Small Business with Big Standards.

  • We have Reasonable, Flexible & Affordable Dumpster Rental Rates.

  • We pledge to provide Really Good Customer Service.

  • We commit to Punctuality, Honesty, and Courtesy.

  • We practice Extremely Safe Driving Habits.

  • We are Socially and Environmentally Responsible.

  • We rely on Great Communication. 

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